Creating Powerful and High Impact Reports

1 Day Course

Pre-Course Preparation

Participants will be asked to bring in a report that they have previously developed or one that they are currently working on. Participants will also be sent a social styles questionnaire to complete and return to the facilitator in preparation for the course.


This workshop is designed to help you to write powerful reports that are clear, concise, impressive and create impact with the reader. Using a five stage approach that will structure your thinking and efforts into creating something that is well planned and thought through.

The key to success in report writing is thorough planning. So we focus on clarifying your objective, drawing up an outline and how to organise your information for maximum effect.

Your report is nothing without your readers, so a crucial focus is considering the style and needs that must be satisfied in the way you approach your writing.

Who will this course benefit?

Support Staff and Mid-level Managers

Course Outline

Choosing the right approach

  • Different styles for different report types

The 5 stage approach in Report Writing

  • Objectives
  • Researching
  • Planning
  • Writing
  • Editing/Proof Reading

Getting the right objectives

  • Scope and purpose of the report
  • Getting specific (Writing clear objectives)


  • Logical and emotional considerations in collecting information and opinion


  • Outline headings
  • Understanding reader’s needs – Psychometric Profiling session (Social Styles)
  • Handling objections
  • Choosing the right tone and style

Writing – Structures and outlines

  • The right structure for your report
  • Information VS research reports
  • Writing the outline

Creating an impact

  • Constructing an argument (Building your case)
  • Linguistics – Choosing the right language and style
  • Your preferences in writing style and what to be aware

Writing – Practice and style

  • Use of plain English
  • Avoiding ambiguity
  • Clear hierarchies
  • Using tables and diagrams
  • Using bullet points

Report Feedback

  • Self and feedback ratings on a current report/previous reports