Establishing and Developing Relationships

2-3 Day Course


The primary reason for entering into any Customer Supplier relationship is having the necessary business fit; the Supplier offering matches the Customer’s needs. However, even with a perfect business fit, the relationship between parties involved needs to be carefully managed. As the saying goes, “People buy people”.

This workshop is focused on understanding the key drivers and tools that will enable delegates to actively manage and develop business relationships.

Who will this course benefit?

This course is aimed at those who are in demanding customer facing roles where the quality of the relationship is paramount.

Learning Objectives

The objectives of the course are to enable delegates to:

  • Establish and develop good relationships by creating the right Performance Related Identity
  • Manage a relationship by building and maintaining rapport, and understanding the importance of the Work Association Model,
  • Understand their own Motivational Value Systems (MVS) and communicate with business colleagues having a different MVS,
  • Negotiate effectively to a successful outcome, using assertive, influencing behavior.
  • Use an effective structure of questioning for gathering information.

Course Outline/Modules

  • Establishing and Supporting a Relationship
  • It’s YOU They Buy
  • Partnering
  • Understanding Relationship Dynamics
  • Agreement vs. Disagreement
  • Effective Questioning
  • Steering, Not Pushing