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Creating a Business Case – How to get Finance interested


It is a common misconception of founders looking to gain finance for their new idea or even to gain traction within an existing organisation, that success is a result either of the brilliant new idea itself or their skill as an advocate putting it forward.

Of course, both of these matters but experience supporting numerous projects has shown us repeatedly that a firm well-reasoned business case – which speaks to the objectives of the fund allocators- is far more valuable in achieving success. This workshop will give participants the tools to promote your idea in the language of finance.

Who will this course benefit?

For participants looking to improve and present an effective business case to gain finance and buy-in from key stakeholders.

Course Outline/Modules

Step One

  • Identify an opportunity, or problem
  • The opportunity statement
  • Identifying and prioritising business objectives
  • Assigning metrics to the objectives

Step Two

  • Generating a list of options
  • Gathering input
  • How to build support for your business case
  • Narrowing your choices

Step Three

  • Identifying the information, you need
  • Collecting the data
  • Setting a time frame
  • Documenting your estimates and assumptions

Step Four

  • Evaluating alternatives against your metrics
  • The common financial metrics
  • Creating a framework for comparing alternatives
  • Steps for analysing alternatives

Step Five

  • Selecting the best solution
  • Weighing the risks
  • Deciding how to mitigate the risks
  • Determining whether to modify your course of action
  • Steps for choosing a final recommendation

Step Six

  • Understanding the purpose of an implementation plan.
  • Listing your milestones
  • Communicating with decision-makers
  • Identifying resources, you’ll need
  • Clarifying responsibilities
  • Indicating expected payoff
  • Tracking your results

Step Seven

  • Understanding your audience
  • Using visuals to present your business case
  • Style tips for writing your business case


1 day

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