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Effective Coaching Conversations


We know that using a coaching style is proved to be highly effective in the workplace in various situations for dealing with change, enhancing motivation, building engagement and supporting people to develop and take personal responsibility. Increasing the ability to bring some of the skills from formal coaching into “in the minute” situations and less formal circumstances is acknowledged as being a powerful tool in the manager’s toolbox.

This workshop will provide an understanding of the concept and methodology of Coaching and its practical implementation and will provide delegates with the skills and confidence to incorporate a coaching style as part of their management approach.

Who will this course benefit?

Managers who want to improve their people development skills, support their teams through change and enable their staff to set personal goals that align with the organisational vision with clear, realistic action plans for achieving them.

Learning Objectives:

After this interactive course Managers will be able to:

  • Provide the support for people going through a period of change by helping them to identify what they can do and the support they need
  • Help people identify personal development plans
  • Have the confidence to use proven coaching models such as GROW as a framework for the conversation
  • Empower your team to set realistic personal goals and support them to identify key steps to achieving those goals
  • Provide constructive challenge
  • Understand how coaching conversations differ from other conversations
  • Understand the difference between coaching and mentoring and how to ensure you use them appropriately

Throughout this highly interactive course, there are opportunities to practice and test the skills you are learning.

  • Effectively managing the conversation including starting the conversation and concluding it successfully
  • Practice using insightful, powerful questions to remove limiting beliefs and blocking assumptions
  • Enhance your listening skills
  • Practice using different questioning techniques in order to build confidence in employing the correct technique for the situation
  • Try different coaching styles and models


1 day

Maximum number of participants:


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