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Effective Influencing Skills


To be able to influence both sideways and upwards at work is a great enabler for individuals and highly desirable for organisations who wish to empower and motivate their people.

This course covers the importance of having the right mindset and attitude which will then allow new skills for influencing to be practised in a safe environment.

Who will this course benefit?

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wishes to develop a greater influence with their customers, peers and managers.

The returning participants will be able to:

  • Become more self-aware of what might be holding you back from believing that you can have greater influence
  • Focus on where and with whom you would like to have greater influence
  • Consider how to increase over time your sphere of influence
  • Realise the importance of seeking to understand the perspectives of those you wish to influence
  • Applying, practising new skills for communicating with others

Course outline:

  • Introduction
  • What does it mean to have influence?
  • What stops you from having influence? The importance of having the right attitude
  • A work context
  • Establishing trust
  • Understanding others – Social Styles
  • Review and learning commitments


1 day

Maximum numbers:


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