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Giving and Receiving Feedback


The ability to provide and receive clear, honest and constructive feedback in a way which maximises the chance of the recipient being able to not only “hear” it but to be able to take it onboard is a powerful skill for everyone in the organisation.

Developing skills in this area so that giving and receiving feedback becomes the norm helps to build the culture within the organisation where it is accepted and welcomed.  From our understanding of Neuroscience, we know that the brain has a negativity bias and so we notice when things go wrong rather than noticing when things go well. Understanding this and recognising how to redress this balance is extremely powerful. By noticing when things go well and giving positive feedback we can ensure that the behaviour is repeated.

Too often organisations find that people lack the knowledge, confidence and skills in this area which means that giving and requesting feedback is viewed with distrust or embarrassment.

Who will this course benefit?

This course is ideal for everyone in the organisation and particularly managers who want to boost the performance and behaviours of themselves, their team and the leadership of the organisation by giving and receiving constructive, honest positive and negative feedback

Learning Objectives:

After this interactive course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role feedback has in building self-awareness, and management skills
  • Understand the barriers to feedback and how to address them
  • Recognise how our brains react to feedback so that we can give and receive it effectively
  • Develop skills in giving constructive, honest feedback in a way which enables the receiver to take it on board
  • Have greater confidence in requesting and acknowledging feedback about ourselves and using it constructively
  • Understand key work of psychologists in this field including David Rock and Marshall Goldsmith’s concept of Feedforward

Throughout this highly interactive course, there are opportunities to practice and test the skills you are learning.

  • The importance of feedback in creating an effective, engaged organisation
  • Learn tried and tested business models to use for preparing to give feedback
  • Recognise key considerations for giving feedback
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback
  • Observe both the Giver and Receiver and reflect on the interaction
  • Create a feedback action plan to use back in the workplace


1 day

Maximum number of participants:


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