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Handling Conflict


In this workshop participants will look at conflict at work, what causes conflict and explore the stages in the development of conflict.  Participants will also learn ways to step back and take the emotion out of conflict, anticipate conflict and develop strategies for resolving conflict and develop collaborative negotiating skills.


To provide people time to stop, reflect, discuss and explore how they handle conflict and consider practical strategies for dealing with future situations of conflict

The returning participants will benefit by:

  • Increased self-awareness of emotional responses to conflict
  • Access to conscious choice in handling conflict
  • Increased confidence through learning practical skills and strategies for managing conflict

Pre-course work (optional)

An additional option for participants which compliments this programme is the use of psychometric profiling tools (MBTI/SDI) which will help participants to understand their own personal styles and of others and how they manage conflict situations


1 day

Maximum numbers:


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