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HR Business Partnering


Increasingly organisations are realising the benefits of an effective HR business partner model can bring to the business in planning and developing approaches to achieve organisational objectives as well as building capability and managing human resource. Working closely with business leaders and line managers the HR BP can play a pivotal role in the organisation.

Whilst the benefits the generic model can bring are well understood, however, identifying and agreeing the model that will work for specific business needs and be a model that the HR team own and engage with is key.  The model that will work is a model that will ensure a way of working that maximises the resources and skills of the team, identifies development gaps and strategies for meeting these in order to deliver business benefits.

This one-day interactive workshop will combine theory, first-hand participant and trainer experience of working in HR teams that have adopted a business partner model and facilitator-led participant exploration so that HR teams can build on a foundation and understanding of accepted wisdom of the business rationale for business partnering,  how it works, the requirements for effective implementation, typical challenges to the model and how to mitigate for these so as to build a model that works for them and their business.

Who will this workshop benefit?

This workshop is suitable for anyone working in Human Resources

Learning Objectives:

  • Increased understanding of the concept, benefits and considerations for an effective HR BP model
  • Identifying a model that will meet the specific needs of your organisation
  • Considering the challenges of implementing the model
  • Exploring where the HR team are on the journey and what needs to be done
  • Planning to meet the identified gaps to enable implementation

Course Outline

  • Overview and Introduction
  • The HR Business Partner
  • Business Benefits
  • Identifying where we want to be and how to get there
  • Implementation and action planning
  • Summary and next steps


1 Day

Maximum numbers:


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