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Microsoft Excel Advanced


Delegates should first attend the Microsoft Excel Intermediate course or have attained a similar level of expertise.


By the end of this one-day course, delegates will feel confident in their ability to use the more advanced features of Excel including VLOOKUP, INDEX, SUMIF, advanced filtering, PivotTable reports and macros.

Further Versions Available – 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

Course Content

  • SUMIF, SUMIFS & Text Functions – SUMIF, AVERAGEIF & COUNTIF SUMIFS, Text Functions.
  • VLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH – Lookup Tables, INDEX and MATCH.
  • Controlling Data Input – Data Validation, Using INDIRECT.
  • Advanced Filtering – Text to Columns, Advanced Filtering.
  • PivotTable & PivotChart Reports – Creating PivotTables, Formatting the PivotTable, Using Slicers, Adding a Timeline, Calculations in PivotTables, Grouping & Ungrouping, Creating a PivotChart, Create a Relationship between Tables.
  • Macros – Recording a Macro, Viewing Macros, Adding a Macro to the Ribbon, Assigning a Macros to an Object, Accessing the Developer Tab.



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