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Microsoft Excel Intermediate


Delegates should first attend the one-day Microsoft Excel Introductory course or have attained a similar level of expertise.


By the end of this one day course delegates will feel confident in their ability to use some of the more advanced features of Excel, such as linking spreadsheets, worksheet protection, outlining, conditional formatting and formulae such as IF and IFERROR.

Other Versions Available – 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

Further Learning

Excel Advanced, Excel VBA/Macros

Course Content

  • Naming and Round – Naming Ranges, Preventing Rounding Errors
  • Conditional Functions – Operators, Using Text in IF Statements, Testing for Errors, Information Functions, Creating Multiple IF Statements, Using AND, OR and XOR.
  • Date & Time Calculations – Basic Date Calculations, Using the Weekday function, Calculating the difference between dates, Adding days, weeks or months, Calculating Working days, Displaying the ISO week number, Using DATEDIF EOMONTH, Calculating days between dates, Formatting a Date, Calculating Time.
  • Working with Multiple Worksheets – Creating a new Worksheet, Selecting Cells across Worksheets, Entering a Formulae across Worksheets, Using Group Edit, Using Paste Link, Splitting a Worksheet into Panes, Fixing Worksheet Titles, Copying and Moving between Worksheets, Data Consolidate.
  • Conditional Formatting – Using Quick Analysis, High Cell Rules, Top/Bottom Rules, Databars, Colour Scales, Icon Sets, Tailoring Icon Sets, Using Formulae in Conditional Formatting.
  • Working with Lists of Data – Using Filter, Formatting as a Table, Using Slicers, Sub-Totals, Custom Views.
  • Outlining & Worksheet Protection – Outlining a Worksheet, Unlocking Cells/Hiding Formulae, Protecting a Sheet.
  • Forecasting Data Trends – Creating a Forecast.
  • Sparklines – Quick Analysis, How to create Sparklines, Sparkline Options.
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