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Long Vu
Long is passionate about learning and development and enjoys working with organisations and people. He founded BTB Training in 2015 after developing his skills and experience working in Key Account Manager and Business Development roles with some of the UK’s leading training providers. He shares a common goal with his training colleagues, which is to work with and support clients in providing training solutions that addresses their specific needs and challenges. His knowledge of his facilitator network means that he is able to select the right fit trainer based on relevant experience and style. Long has supported clients from a range of business sectors which includes, Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Public Sector, Local Authorities, Central Government, Transport, Higher Education, Banking and Finance, Regulatory Authorities, Charity and Not-for-Profit Organisations. Long provides leadership and is responsible for building training partnerships.
Paul Edmunds
Paul Edmunds is an experienced business and leadership behaviours facilitator, coach and trainer with extensive experience of working with individuals and teams. He supports people in ways which help them reach their potential by working with what helps and hinders individuals and teams achieve their goals and in ways which enable people to make a connection between what is meaningful for them and what delivers results for organisations.
James Bannerman
James Bannerman is a Creative Change Agent who combines creativity with psychology to help businesses and people innovate. As an Innovation Consultant he has worked with a variety of leading organisations helping them to think differently in order to perform more effectively in a rapidly-changing world. James has delivered creative workshops to a wide audience and has worked with some leading higher education institutes where he lectures on topics in business ‘innovation, creativity and enterprise’. James is also the best-selling author of 2 books: Genius! and Business Genius! (both published by Pearson)
Phillip Woodford
Philip Woodford is uniquely placed to deliver highly effective and engaging training for a wide range of clients. Specialising in business psychology, his considerable communication skills have given him the edge when it comes to engaging participants and ensuring they make the connections to their working lives. Practical value and inspirational insights make for a compelling training event, and that’s what Philip brings. With his extensive workplace experience, Philip can deliver training across a vast range of requirements, including: public speaking and communication delivery; conflict handling, team building and creativity techniques; networking and strategic planning courses; feature writing skills, and much more.
Sarah Ward
Sarah is a confident, outgoing Executive Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Mediator with excellent people skills. Her wealth of experience, together with a resourceful, positive attitude and ability to form trusting relationships with customers, colleagues and stakeholders, result in her contribution having a positive impact on all the projects and assignments she undertakes. Sarah’s first-hand experience of all stages in the selection, development, management and succession cycle has enhanced her understanding and abilities to effect and support organizational change. She is passionate about the value of attracting and developing people with the right attributes skills and potential and about the role that embracing diversity has in bringing about organizational growth. Working in both the private and public sector across a range of industries has given Sarah a breadth of experience and flexibility in her approach which allows her to be business and outcome orientated, financially astute, creative and resourceful. She can capably adapt her style to suit the culture, language and approach of differing sectors and audiences.
Miles Huckle
Miles works with individuals, teams and organisations undertaking leadership, change management and professional development assignments. This has equipped him with a wide experience and expertise to provide training, consultancy, coaching and mentoring to help individuals, teams and organisations change. Miles is a multi-accredited trainer and coach and has a natural facilitative style which encourages participation, yet is challenging and supportive.
Liz Milligan
Liz has extensive training delivery experience spanning over a 20 year career in a mixture of roles and industry sectors. She now brings together her experience of social care based client facing work, supporting employers in all sectors, and delivering training, to present a holistic approach to developing mental health literacy in a range of settings. Liz offers a wide range of learning and development opportunities with a focus on mental health and wellbeing, resilience and communication. Liz develops and delivers bespoke training programmes for in-house delivery and engages a broad mix of customers on open courses. She also delivers training as an associate for Samaritans Workplace Training and MHFA England. Liz's enthusiasm for the topic of mental and emotional health and wellbeing allows her to engage audiences with an open and encouraging yet understanding approach.
Eugene O'Connell
Eugene worked for more than 15 years in middle- and senior-level management for a variety of international banks. He ran proprietary portfolios in Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, swaps and other derivative instruments. He sat on Risk Management committees in both London and Tokyo before becoming a learning and development professional. He now uses his extensive experience to deliver highly effective finance and leadership coaching to a wide range of businesses. He has performance managed and organized investment-banking teams on three continents, this work involving considerable organizational skills as well as deep knowledge of international markets. He is fluent in French and German.
Paul Wahlhaus
Paul is a Business Transformation consultant with an outstanding record of achievement in supporting strategic business goals through the delivery of effective learning and development, organization design and change management solutions. He has worked in many countries and across a wide range of private, public and charity sectors, each time refining his strategies for helping organizations bring about lasting change. He works with passion and a co-operate style to ensure that what is delivered clearly benefits clients and becomes a sustainable part of the organization’s DNA. Paul's specialisms are culture change, realising financial benefits / ROI from large-scale change programmes, leadership development, internal consultancy skills and implementing coaching and mentoring schemes. Over the years Paul has designed and delivered an impressive range of workshops and is widely acknowledged as a leading trainer and facilitator. Paul is a constant innovator and has created multiple new business models and frameworks - many of which are now used by multiple clients. As a business transformation programme manager, Paul has an in depth background and hands-on expertise in ERP systems, Lean Manufacturing/Office and Total Quality/Six Sigma.
Katherine Long
Katherine is an experienced coach-mentor, facilitator and coach-supervisor, with over 20 years of experience in people development. Coming from a background of developing cross-cultural communications and intercultural competences for leaders and teams, Katherine has worked with numerous organisations to support more effective international teamwork and communications. Katherine has also been involved in developing internal coach-mentor and supervision capabilities as a means to support organisations in achieving their strategic aims. Those experiences have served to strengthen the holistic and systems perspectives which guides her work, and underpins a key professional value, which is about supporting the health and well-being of the whole system (individual, team, organisation), as well as addressing their specific challenges.

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