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Recognizing Unconscious Bias in Recruitment


This interactive programme has been specifically designed for managers who are trained and have the responsibility to undertake recruitment within their organisations. This programme aims to consider the role that unconscious bias may play in their selection decisions.

Programme Objectives:

  • To gain an understanding of what unconscious bias is
  • To accept we all have biases within us; some of which are conscious but others are unconscious
  • To recognize when these biases can be positive and helpful and when they may impair our objectivity
  • To explore how they can specifically impact selection decisions in any recruitment process
  • To practice ways of minimising the impact of bias during selection processes

Course outline:

  • Role of equality and diversity within organisations
  • How do you feel about the process and the candidates you have selected previously?
  • How we receive and process information
  • What is confirmation bias
  • Are others aware of your biases?
  • Exploring your own biases
  • What role does subjectivity and bias play in the selection process?
  • Identifying methods of reducing bias risk areas
  • Tools to manage our personal biases during selection
  • Peer to peer reflection

Designed for:

Managers and leaders who are responsible for the recruitment of their teams


1 day

Maximum number of participants:


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