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Resilience & Wellbeing


This is an introductory level course with no prior learning required. The content will be useful for anyone who experiences pressure or stress and would like to remain focussed and effective and take steps to proactively manage their own wellbeing.

Course Content:

  • Concept exploration: What does it mean to be mentally and emotionally healthy, and what is resilience?
  • The language of pressure and stress: How do we talk about workload, overwhelm, and mental health and how does that influence our capacity to care for ourselves and others?
  • Natural responses: exploring perception and noticing thinking habits
  • Challenging beliefs: when our truths can both increase and decrease our capacity
  • Maintaining focus: Taking an effective break and lifting our vision
  • The new work/life balance: using signature strengths, awareness and positive reflection to boost wellbeing throughout the day
  • Prioritising wellness: An opportunity to try further techniques and build a self-care routine
  • Supporting self and others: Noticing signs of mental and emotional distress, starting helpful conversations and identifying sources of support

Training Style:

Interactive session with opportunities for discussion and participation in experiential learning exercises. Our workshops will be tailored to suit the needs of the group. Additional handouts, resource packs and follow up contact/individual coaching available by arrangement.

Suitable for:

All employees


1 Day

Maximum numbers:


Posted in Professional & Personal Skills