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Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing


This course enables participants to improve their supportive communication skills and understand the impact this can have on someone experiencing low emotional wellbeing or mental ill-health. By looking at the emotional impact of challenging conversations we also explore tools to minimise the effects on our own wellbeing and look after our emotional health.

Course Content:

  • Understanding emotional and mental health and wellbeing; individual perspectives and signs of distress
  • Challenging conversations and emotional distress: understanding the effect on communication and managing strong responses
  • Managing conversations using non-judgemental listening skills; Working with empathy and boundaries
  • Closing conversations: Positive reflections, motivating action and follow up, signposting for further support
  • Understanding the impact of challenging conversations and the importance of self-care
  • Refocusing and taking an effective break, stepping back and controlling imagery
  • Understanding the impact of our own beliefs and expectations, managing negativity bias, and thinking traps
  • Self-care and tools for supporting each other

Training Style:

Interactive session with opportunities for healthy discussion and participation in experiential learning exercises. Our workshops will be tailored to suit the needs of the group. Additional handouts, resource packs and follow up contact/individual coaching available by arrangement.

Suitable for:

Roles involving supporting others, e.g. HR, Line Managers, Wellbeing Champions, or for anyone wishing to develop a supportive team of colleagues.


1 Day

Maximum numbers:


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