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Talent Planning and Development in Action


Today’s HR and Talent Development functions should be closely aligned to deliver development and career progression (a key factor in engagement and retention success in 98% of staff satisfaction surveys) for effective workforce planning and focused development that adds real measurable value. As effective partners to the organisation, talent planning for critical roles should be aligned with talent identification, training gap analysis and development plans supported by core data sets. This leads to better talent decisions and more robust development planning.

Who will this course benefit?

This course is suitable for HR and Talent Planning and Development team members who have a desire to understand the complete picture of the workforce, talent and development planning and delivery, where they intersect and impact mission-critical strategic outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the context of the talent management landscape and what that means for your organisation
  • Map the internal environment understanding the critical success and risk factors in talent planning and development
  • Prioritise the key values that create principles-based talent planning and development solutions
  • Create a feasible metrics dashboard for reporting and marketing purposes
  • Redefine what talent means for your organisation, both in talent benchmarks and development activities
  • Expand their talent toolkit to embrace multiple development styles and new thinking on talent motivation

Course Outline/Modules

  • Context – the demands for talent and the challenges of planning in an ever-changing talent landscape
  • Culture – how diverse cross-cultural organisational practices inhibit/accelerate talent planning, development and deployment
  • Organisational and Cultural Values – capitalising on cultural values in talent planning and development
  • Stakeholder perspectives – how senior leaders perceive and view talent and how your delivery tools should manage expectations using key reporting metrics
  • Flexible Principle-Based Solutions – how functional and cultural differences can be accommodated in an agile talent model
  • Data and Metrics in Talent Planning and Development – setting goals and challenging for quality and avoiding data fiction
  • Talent Definition – an evolution of what talent means today and how we can identify our priorities that link to the full employee and talent cycle and organisational goals
  • Talent Development and Deployment – how we should improve talent practices to ensure we deliver robust, transparent and high-quality services embracing diversity and inclusion
  • Developing a Talent Culture – 4 key areas of focus that drive organisational performance
  • Development Delivery Planning – a 3-pronged strategy to strengthen retention, lead development activities and create a self-service growth mindset
  • The latest thinking in talent development and talent practices and how these fit into the talent management life cycle


1 day

Maximum numbers:


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