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Team Reboot Post Change – Rebuild high trust, innovative & high performing teams


Vast rapid-paced change can create instability amongst teams and disrupt organisational performance. Lower the risk after merger and acquisition or critical change projects and rebuild trust. High performing teams often require a fresh start to rebuild the trust bonds between group members and their managers and re-group to become an effective, tight team who can be truly innovative and deliver for the organisation.

Strong trusting relationships and personalisation are the key customer demands of today, an internal workforce expects the same treatment.  These are vital ingredients in a mixture that creates trust in high performing teams that supports high level, innovative performance, across different worker types and organisational structures.

This programme helps you understand the needs of team members, post-change that drives motivation in the context of a new and sometimes uncertain environment.

On completing this course Managers and Leaders will be able to:

  • Understand the needs of high trust, innovative & high performing team members after a big change
  • Understand the different roles group members play and how to re-assess them, valuing diversity
  • Understand personal motivation through a range of models and tools and how to deal with complex emotions after a big change
  • Influence positively team dynamics and values – understanding the stages of a trust rebuild and tools and techniques for accelerating the process
  • Create an engaging fresh new team vision through ethics and other purpose-led objectives
  • Analyse your current team’s culture, motivation, innovation and performance status
  • Develop strategies for building trust post-change, with different worker types and organisational models
  • Use trust building team development tools to significantly improve collaboration and innovative thinking

This course will benefit?

Managers at all levels who want to reinvigorate their existing teams after a traumatic change or increase trust in new teams after merger and acquisition. Managers who want to build trust and strong relationships with all different types of workers in a matrix and other organisational models


1 day

Maximum number of participants


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