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The Art of Negotiation


Everyone will have to negotiate during their working careers. Sometimes, negotiation is an explicit activity, yet quite often the act of negotiation takes place without the label of “Negotiation”. This learning event will tackle unique negotiation scenarios that are specific to your organisation and situations of potential conflict.

This practical course develops skilled negotiators who can create win/win situations in business. It is practical and immediately useful. Theoretical models reinforce newfound capabilities in establishing relationships, creative strategies critical negotiating techniques and behaviours, this results in removing pressure and contention, and, finally, developing personal power.

In this workshop participants will look at conflict at work, what causes conflict and explore the stages in the development of conflict.  Participants will also learn ways to step back and take the emotion out of conflict, anticipate conflict and develop strategies for resolving conflict and develop collaborative negotiating skills.

Who will this course benefit?

Anyone who has to negotiate between different parties

The returning participants will benefit by:

  • Developing trust and building better relationships within negotiations
  • Planning strategies for preparing and conducting negotiations
  • Valuing concessions and knowing when to walk away
  • Breaking deadlocks and gaining the knowledge that gains them the lead in negotiations
  • Finding a better agreement with others by removing their own mental limits and managing conflict in ways which produce mutually beneficial outcomes

Course Outline:

  • Introductions and course objectives
  • What is negotiation?
  • When negotiations go wrong – understanding conflict
  • Negotiation skills – health check practical exercise
  • Establishing trust
  • Preparing to succeed
  • Principled negotiation
  • Key skills
  • Successful behaviours in negotiation
  • Review and learning commitments


1 or 2 days

Maximum numbers:


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