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The Ultimate Performance Review ​ – get better results with positive and professional appraisals


The dreaded performance review. Just mentioning the “appraisal” word puts fear into many people’s minds. A bad reputation created by poor delivery has led to a high percentage of bad feeling towards this very special management motivational tool. Often at this meeting, the bad news is delivered, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth rather than being the celebratory, chance to reflect then look forward to an exciting year (or six months) event.

This workshop will show you how to do the job properly. Uncover the real purpose and intent of an appraisal/performance review meeting and how to keep it focused on the positive.

On completing this course Managers and Leaders will be able to:

  • Link performance review process to improve organisational, team and individual results
  • Understand historical and up to date research on motivation and appraisals and their strong links, avoiding unconscious bias to create an inclusive delivery of key HR processes
  • Identify the core skills/knowledge and mindset required to conduct a successful performance review and planning meeting
  • Plan effectively to ensure you have the right information for your review
  • Structure your performance review in the right order and planning meeting for success
  • Agree on engaging objectives and develop common behavioural standards
  • Deal with difficult people effectively using specific “solution” tools
  • Practise key skills such as feedback generation, questioning and listening, essential in the review process

This course will benefit?

Managers at all levels who want to improve on appraisal and performance review techniques

Course Outline:

  • Linking results – The business performance line model, staying on track and capitalising on strengths 
  • Motivation and Appraisals The Human Needs ModelHertzberg hygiene factors and the latest research on bias in 
    performance reviews
  • Benefits of conducting professional and positive appraisals The role of communication and celebrating 
    success, developing consistency, links to succession planning and talent management initiatives
  • Skillsets Core skills, knowledge and mindset requirements and practical tools to develop them and how to 
    action plan your way to success
  • Planning Collecting and reviewing evidencereviewing the job description, target ballparks and timings and 
    room set up
  • Structure – Looking back – briefly, generating feedback, celebrating successlooking forward – the coming six 
    or 12 months including targets, standards and workloaddevelopment opportunities and career planning and 
    handling difficult/challenging participants with “solution questions”


1 day

Maximum number of participants


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