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Train the Trainer


Deliver training that ensures your trainees achieve their objectives.  Effective training helps to ensure that trainees understand, remember and can apply their learning.  Often good learning content is obscured by the method of delivery from the trainer.

This course creates training staff who can communicate with clarity, enthusiasm and interest.  They can then achieve the highest possible levels of understanding and skill development with their learners.  Their trainees will then return to the workplace ready to apply the learning.  This practical and applied course develops the skills trainers need, to deliver training sessions, explain complex subjects simply and visually and achieve full participation.

Who will this workshop benefit?

This workshop is suitable for existing and potential trainers seeking a practical, realistic and effective approach to training.

Learning Objectives:

The returning participants will benefit your organisation by:

  • Planning, preparing and delivering training sessions more confidently
  • Deciding, from a range of methods, which will meet the needs of the trainees and the subject
  • Adopting appropriate devices to cope with a wide range of backgrounds, abilities and personalities
  • Running enjoyable sessions that achieve their learning objectives

Course Outline

  • Overview and Introduction
  • Considerations before we plan
  • Planning from scratch
  • Designing course materials and exercises
  • Involving your audience
  • Explanation techniques
  • Delivering a ‘How to…’ Training session
  • Development of support materials
  • Handling Objections and difficult situations
  • Deliver, review and close


2 days

Maximum numbers:


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