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Virtual Meetings


Effective Teamwork is critical to organisational success. Working ‘remotely’, however, can make team meetings, and team dynamics challenging yet more meetings are now being held using virtual technology.

With this in mind, this interactive session is designed to help participants who run or attend virtual meetings engage with their ‘virtual team’ colleagues in more impactful and productive ways.

The course will explore the challenges of leading and attending virtual meetings. It will provide the opportunity for participants to review the key characteristics of a high-performance virtual team in ways which will ensure their team meetings have clarity of purpose.  It provides practical support for helping people become more comfortable in holding and contributing to virtual meetings.

This course will provide learners with a combination of instructor-led facilitation in the classroom and simulated, practical virtual sessions. This combined approach will:

  • Provide learning opportunities through facilitated discussion, exercises and reflection covering the important considerations for running successful virtual team meetings
  • Build on the skills and experience of those attending of the generic factors which make generic face to face meetings successful and apply these in the virtual context
  • Allow for the investigation of the psychology of ‘teamwork’ and its key building blocks using insights from a range of current ideas and concepts on ‘team working’
  • Participants will be introduced to a variety of practical tools and techniques for helping people to participate and feel less detached and remote when virtual meetings take place

Topics covered include preparation, structuring the meeting and agreeing ground rules and processes

  • Provide opportunities to practice simulated virtual meetings with ‘in the moment coaching’ and with reference to learning materials available for understanding the technical features of the ‘in house’ virtual meetings technologies (Connect, Webex etc)
  • Provide participants with ways to handle non-productive practices and techniques to minimise disruption, encourage participation and promote engagement

During the course delegates will be encouraged to share their own experiences of the technologies/media they consistently employ for virtual team meetings at your organisation, and the strategies they have found particularly effective for planning these meetings, getting the sessions started and then keeping people engaged.

Suitable for:

All staff who lead or participate in virtual meetings with colleagues, contractors and suppliers.

By the end of this course, participants will be better placed to:

  • Lead more effective virtual meetings
  • Design virtual meeting protocols to optimise the team’s effectiveness
  • Facilitate meetings using appropriate communication technologies
  • Diagnose and handle the risks of managing distance and diversity
  • Adapt their style to meet the unique demands of working remotely
  • Make the most of available technologies and avoid the classic pitfalls when using them
  • Run effective meetings which achieve their objectives
  • Ensure agreements made remotely are clear, specific and workable
  • Practise and encourage respectful active listening and gain commitment
  • Apply models of assertiveness and transactional analysis theory to ensure progress


1 day

Maximum number of participants:


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