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Advanced Presentation Skills


Delivering a presentation is at times one of our deepest fears. However, the fear and anxiety associated with this crucial skill can be overcome, once the correct tools and techniques are understood and used – structuring material, engaging the audience and self-management.

During this lively and interactive learning event, participants will develop individual presentations that reflect their unique working environment and apply their learning as they go. Strengths and weaknesses are identified; new methods for improving performance are highlighted with group feedback and video camera support, ensuring all are able to embed the new techniques learned. Participants will also feel healthy levels of challenge, reward, and self-awareness throughout this learning journey. This self-awareness will create the desired attitude and behavioural changes that are critical to the success of each presentation.

All feedback provided to individuals will be conducted with professionalism and dignity, allowing all involved with the opportunity to make relevant and powerful changes in a safe working environment.

The returning participants will benefit by:

  • Planning, preparing and delivering presentations that are role-specific
  • Delivering structured and effective presentations to customers and colleagues
  • Explaining complex / technical ideas in the simplest way
  • Dealing with personal nerves / difficult situations in presentations
  • Engaging the audience
  • Selecting an appropriate presentation style to suit the audience and subject
  • “Death by PowerPoint” – techniques to engage with minimal PowerPoint
  • Approaching presentations with a confident, positive and can-do attitude

Course Outline

  • Pre course work
  • Overview and Introductions
  • Where am I now? – Practical Exercise part 1 – video exercise
  • The qualities of an effective presenter
  • Presentation Structure
  • Review of day 1
  • Tools of the trade
  • Fix it exercise
  • Where am I going? Practical exercise part 2
  • Difficult Situations in presentations
  • Conclusion Structure
  • Action Planning & review

Who will this course benefit?

Anyone who has to prepare and deliver presentations


2 days

Maximum number of participants:


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