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Effective Meetings


Many would say the meeting is the bane of modern business life.  Positive outcomes are often negligible and the costs, in terms of man-hours and lost opportunity, are significant.  This happens when objectives are ill-defined, preparation is inadequate, behaviour in the meeting is unproductive (or worse) and agreed actions insufficiently defined for follow up.  It has been identified that there is considerable frustration amongst staff from the amount of unproductive time spent in meetings.

This course is designed to change all of that.  It shows participants how meetings can be turned into a sensible investment of the organisations time and money.  It provides step-by-step guidance on how to achieve effective results.  It also acts as a wakeup call for people who may have lost sight (often because they are experts in their field who do not feel they need to consider these core behaviours) of how to discuss things intelligently, efficiently and respectfully, and how to achieve commitment to act as a result of the discussion.  The course is designed to create learning through doing, and as such runs as a series of mini-meetings to cover the ground, giving us parallel learning of the content as well as generating individual-specific feedback on what people do well in this field and what needs to be improved.

Course Objectives

The returning participants will benefit by:

  • Being able to clearly think through and prepare for meetings
  • Running effective meetings that achieve their objectives within the given timescale
  • Improved interpersonal awareness and respect of diverse cultures and viewpoints
  • Holding better quality and more efficient discussions and achieving better consensus in the meeting
  • Ensuring that agreements made are effective, workable and capable of being followed up
  • Gaining the commitment of others to take action
  • Modelling assertive behaviour and addressing destructive practices
  • Improved meetings skills as both chairperson, facilitator and participant
  • Knowing how to deal with tricky situations, difficult people and dysfunctional behaviours
  • Improved awareness of how and when to use the various technologies to run remote meetings

Designed for:

Anyone who wishes to improve and develop their meeting skills.  It is ideal for people who attend meetings regularly.


1 day

Maximum numbers:


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