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Supplier Management


The growing realisation that effective management of the supply side of the business can provide real productivity gains, as well as reducing complexity, time and costs.

More and more companies are making the decision, “if it is not a core business activity, let’s outsource it”. Outsourcing as a key element of business strategy is becoming increasingly important.

This practical programme will help learners to:

  • See the importance and relevance of effective supplier management for their business
  • Manage relationships and performance of suppliers
  • Understand the supplier lifecycle, and perform analysis of pre-engagement activities
  • Lead, influence and direct the supplier
  • Have a process to define both our and the supplier culture
  • Make supplier reviews effective
  • Position suppliers based on significance and the potential value being delivered
  • Handle change requirements
  • Manage mid-term complacency
  • Extracting most value from the supplier relationship
  • How to manage without ‘contract waiving’
  • Handle the exit

Throughout this interactive and practical course, there are opportunities to practice and test the skills you are learning:

  • Supplier life-cycle concept
  • Defining supplier selection criteria
  • How to work with procurement
  • Legal and risk groups
  • Meeting and evaluating potential suppliers
  • Managing the RFI (Request for Information) and ITT (Invitation to Tender) processes
  • Working with the supplier on the Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators
  • Leading and managing in the context of an external/outsource supplier
  • Understanding supplier drivers
  • How to develop the supplier relationship
  • Organising and managing supplier reviews
  • Defining the breadth and depth of the relationship to gain the most value
  • Developing supplier performance
  • Managing supplier performance issues
  • Negotiation throughout the contract management phase
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Managing supplier exit/renewal

The course modules can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your Supplier Management teams.


2 days

Maximum numbers:


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