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Writing Effective Reports


Effective technical and business reports present information, opinion and argument to inform or persuade their audience.  What is it that separates a well prepared and presented report from the rest?  Why do so many reports remain unread or fail to get results?

This practical workshop explores and practices techniques for creating effective reports. The focus of the session is on straight forward concepts and simple processes that can assist the preparation, structuring and presentation stages of report production.

Participants will look at models and techniques to support written style, along with practical exercises and insights into using tone and content appropriate to the audience.

Who will this course benefit?

Anyone who has the responsibility to write and deliver reports

The returning participants will benefit by:

  • Reviewing the process of effective report writing and identifying key stages
  • Understanding tools to identify the audience to appropriately address their needs
  • Introducing different writing structures appropriate for purpose and reader
  • Using structure and process to produce clear authoritative and effective technical documents
  • Creating effective summaries and editing systems to get the key messages across.

Course Outline:

  • Introductions, objectives and model of excellence
  • Preparing to write
  • Structure and sequence
  • Executive summaries and writing concisely
  • Editing and my reports
  • Review and learning commitments


1 day

Maximum numbers:


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